Boar and Bastard - ROTRAE

Two paladins and an alchemist walk into a bar...

There's no party like a goblin raiding party.

Work in Progress
A single night at the Rusty Dragon was all it took to bring three aspiring heroes to the defense of the quaint town of Sandpoint.

The packed barroom served as a battlefield for the stench of sweaty workmen against a wonderfully aromatic curry sauce. Proprietor Ameiko Kaijitsu. was working her kitchen magic to feed the large influx of patrons who had seemed to come out of the woodwork for the Swallowtail Festival the following day.

Among these patrons was Higgins, craftsman and entrepreneur of “fine” potions. The halfling weaved his way through the forest of trousers and work boots making an attempt at reaching the bar.
Work in Progress



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